Welcome to the Lynda Hundleby website.


In response to many queries, I am pleased to formally announce my candidacy for Councillor in the next Municipal Election.  Given my past history, experience, hard work with excellent results, and commitment to my community of Esquimalt, I have much to offer.

If you support my bid for re-election, I would welcome any assistance with whatever you could do, like:

•         VOTE Lynda Hundleby October 20 or at an Advance Poll

•         distribute my campaign information

•         host my campaign sign on your property

•         host a coffee party of neighbours which I would attend

•         talk to your friends and family about me

•         campaign donations, even small ones add up

•         ask questions; provide comments

 Thank you!

I look forward to working together with you in some challenging and exciting times ahead over the next four years!




Note: This website is being frequently updated.  Please check back often.