Election Day is Saturday, November 15, 2014.  This is your opportunity to vote for one Mayor, up to six Councillors and up to nine School District 61 Trustees.  There will also be TWO non-binding referendum questions, one regarding the integration of municipal services and the second regarding an amalgamation study. 

Polling will take place at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre, 527 Fraser St. 8am - 8pm on Saturday November 15, 2014

Curbside voting is available on request for those who have difficulty entering the polling place due to impaired mobility or a physical disability.


If you are unavailable to vote on Election Day or would prefer to vote on another day then you can vote at one of the two advance polls, both being held at the Esquimalt Municipal Hall, 1229 Esquimalt Road:

  • Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 8am - 8pm

  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 8am - 8pm


You are qualified to vote if you meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Canadian citizen

  • Resident of British Columbia for at least six months

  • Are not disqualified from voting by any statute or law and

  • Resident of the Township of Esquimalt for at least thirty days

To vote, you will need to show two pieces of identification that provide evidence of your place of residence, one with a signature.


If you are a non-resident property elector, you will need to show proof that you are the registered owner of the property plus two pieces of identification.  If there are two or more owners for the property, you must demonstrate, in writing, that you have the consent of the majority of the owners to vote on their behalf.  In addition you must satisfy the first four criteria above, have owned the property in the Township of Esquimalt for at least thirty days and are eligible to vote as a resident elector in another municipality.  A Non-resident Property Elector Consent Form is available at:

Complete information can be found at: