Kathy Mick

Resident  of 27 years and past Police Board member, Kathy Mick, shares the following: “ I have known Lynda for over 20 years. During this time I have watched her work tirelessly for our  community through her association  with schools, parks and recreation and now council.  She researches thoroughly, votes independently, and is present when asked to be there. She is  a determined and thorough advocate for our community.  I am honoured  to lend my support in her bid for council."

Hy Freedman

I have known Lynda for over 10 years, and have sat on Council with her.  I want to go on record as endorsing Lynda for Councillor of the Township of Esquimalt.

Lynda brings excellent qualifications and credentials for the position.  Her education and experience as a pharmacist, as well as her employment with the Provincial Government provide her with the skills to understand and analyze all the complex issues that come to Council. This has been well regarded by Esquimalt voters who have voted Lynda into office many times.

There have been several exceedingly difficult decisions that have been made by Council this past term, but also on those terms that Lynda has been a Councillor in the past.  In every case, Lynda has provided objective, thoughtful and carefully reasoned scrutiny that has helped Council come to its decisions.  Lynda has been very helpful in this regard, by studying Council material, by asking probing questions, by pointing out the various options available to Council, and to assist other Councillors in making their decisions.

I fully and unequivocally endorse Lynda as Councillor for Esquimalt, and fully expect her to be voted to Council on November 15, 2014.

Hy Freedman, B. Eng, CPA, C.A, M. Econ.

Helen Cave

We've known of your great community involvement over many years (first in the PAC community and then at council level) but haven't been able to vote for you. Now that we've moved to Esquimalt, we can (and will)! Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of this area of greater Victoria.