If you want to help support my bid for re-election, please consider:

  • Talking to family, friends, and neighbours about voting

  • Like my Facebook page and share the information on your own timeline

  • Putting my campaign sign on your lawn

  • Delivering my rack cards

  • Being part of a team to spread the word about my campaign

  • Phoning on Election Day to remind people to vote, and/or

  • Giving a financial donation

    • Any donation would be greatly appreciated

    • Cash Donations $50 and under can be anonymous if left in my home mail slot

    • Donations above $50 must be declared

    • Donations of $100 and over must be identified and publicly disclosed

    • Elections BC has set the maximum personal donation at $1200

    • Elections BC forbids corporate and union donations

    • Please note personal donations to municipal election campaigns are not tax deductible.

For more information or to volunteer please Contact Lynda.